Many people with special needs require a daily therapy routine. Use TherapyPal to help manage your day and keep track of your progress

Unique Features

Organise exercises

Colour code different exercises, group related exercises into sets and schedule them for selected days.

Keep track of their mood

Log good and bad days and whether there have been any changes which may affect mood or behaviour.

Manage exercises


TherapyPal supports different types of exercises:

  • Timed exercises - eg. back massage: 5 minutes
  • Continous exercises - eg. listenning programme
  • Repetition based exercises - eg. grab toy 10 times

Colour code exercises and schedule them for certain days. Use the app to track the exercises which have been completed and to show a report.

Keep track of mood

Use the app to keep track of mood and behaviour. Add a message for each entry to monitor any changes and what effect they have had. See the previous month's entries at a glance.

Keep track of the days

Sample Screens